After working in my townhouse garage for nearly four years, I finally found a unit that would suit my environmental needs for a studio. I established the studio & gallery at the beginning of the 2007/08 financial year.

Bliss! From 15 square metres to more than 180 square metres! So much more room that I now share with several other artists (room for five practising artists)


Margit Juhasz ~ another glass artist who specialises in fused and slumped glass vessels. (Click for larger image)

Naomi Boyle ~ a gold/silversmith who specialises in jewellery and small sculptures. (Click for larger image)

Isabella Briedis of Spell ~ jeweller

Jules ~ painter


Photography by Mahendra T Blackman (click for link)




You can find my studio & gallery in the Arts & Industry Estate comprehensive guide(WebPage) - #46 - Map Ref M7


(Click map for larger image)