I am an Australian artist and work in Byron Bay on the north coast of New South Wales. I live beside the ocean with my partner and my three cats. I love to walk on the beach, absorbed in the endlessly changing play of light between sky and sea. All of my glass is created in my studio (Seed Studio & Gallery) in the Art & Industry Estate, Byron Bay.

I utilise the unique qualities of dichroic glass to create individual pieces of jewellery, each a little world of light of its own. The pieces appear to glow with their own light from within, the colours shifting and changing as they are viewed from different angles. I choose to work with glass as it comes closest to expressing my endless fascination with the way light reveals, transmits and reflects the colours and beauty of our wonderful universe.

I have been working in this medium for more than 20 years. I started the journey with leadlight and stained glass but wanted to push the boundaries as far as I could, doing everything that could possibly be done with this amazing material. Consequently, I spent six years studying contemporary visual arts and graduated with honours in glass.

I am able to do everything that can be done in a kiln ~ fusing, slumping, casting and pate de verre. It's really interesting to focus on tiny pieces for now as it gives me an opportunity to explore all the possibilities that open up while playing with the vivid colours and unusual qualities of this gorgeous glass.