The glass workshop caters for all forms of warm glass work and has facilities to create leadlight and stained glass creations. There are large work tables as well as a dedicated glass-cutting table complete with large sized glass cutting tools, both straight cuts as well as circles and other shaped cuts.

There is a variety of power tools for working with glass; a linnisher (wet-belt sander), a diamond blade ring saw (cutting of intricate pieces), a diamond blade "slab" saw (cutting of thick pieces of glass), a small utility grinder plus the usual assortment of diamond drills.

There are two kilns available for warm glass projects; a 12 cu ft x 60amp kiln capable of producing large objects (up to almost 2 metres long) and a 10amp china painting kiln for the smaller sized pieces.


The workshop is available for one-off hire, ongoing hire and as a venue for conducting workshops and/or classes.

I hope to be able to offer classes in glass techniques and designs in the not too far distant future (probably in the new year). Please check this page for more information about these.





Images in the workshop from left to right, starting at top left. 12 Cu Ft

3 phase kiln, diamond slab saw, Silva's space, wet area, china painting kiln, linnisher.